We work with difficult to bank with small and marginal farmers in an innovative, system changing model through which the farmer's family not only achieves food, nutrition and income security from one acre up-land, but also meet the demand of leading industries requiring supply of vital raw materials, such as paper and pulp, herbal product, and other such agro based businesses.

We believe that grant, charity, technology or market alone cannot sustainably solve the problem of poverty of these poor and marginal farmers. We have developed a special system which we call Inclusive Business Eco-system, where different stakeholders including communities, companies, investors, technical experts, social entrepreneurs work together on the challenge of permanently eliminating poverty and also get mutually benefitted. We at SAI make this Inclusive Business Eco-system possible.

Our Leadership and Advisory teams possess an excellent combination of financial, technical, social and management expertise, coupled with operational experience where we have established our credentials in our respective fields of expertise. They have come together to develop and scale-up a high impact hybrid model to alleviate poverty and help the poor lead a dignified life - not as a recipient, but as a partner in development.