Inclusive Business approach

SAI’s Inclusive Business Approach (IBA) builds bridges between businesses and the marginal and small farmers for mutual benefit. The benefits for business go beyond immediate profits and higher incomes - include driving innovations, building markets and strengthening supply chains. And for the farmers they include higher productivity, sustainable earnings and greater empowerment.

SAI recognises that the marginal and small farmers are not only consumers, but also drivers of growth. The IBA is not corporate philanthropy or corporate social responsibility. Rather, it is part of the corporate core business activities. We believe that Inclusive businesses are more likely to succeed when supportive conditions exist.

An inclusive business ecosystem – a community of interconnected stakeholders including communities, researchers, scientists, experts, government, civil society and other business actors – is critical to helping pro-poor business approaches reach scale. We bring them together to learn from each other’s expertise, and identify opportunities to sustain businesses and livelihoods through sharing of new innovations and best practices.