Our Modus Operandi

We organize small and marginal farmers in a Joint Liability Group (JLG) of 10 members each. The members offer a joint undertaking to the SAI for availing and paying for its services. JLG members provide support to each other in their agricultural and plantation activities, and take mutual guarantee for the payment of inputs and selling of their produce to the SAI.

SAI provides a Community Resource Person (CRP) to 10 JLGs who provides services to JLG members at their doorstep. The CRP is a rural youth, belonging to local area and selected by farmers themselves. SAI train and build the capacity of CRPs and provide them monthly honorarium.

A Field Co-ordinator (FC) is allotted by SAI to 10 CRPs who organizes training and capacity building activities for the CRPs and farmers, supervises field operations, procurement and delivery of inputs, and ensures timely harvesting, processing and transportation of agricultural produce. Depending on the size of operation, an FC can be supported by an Field Supervisor(FS) and other staff for finance, administration and other related activities.