Our Partners

SAI is selected by Santa Clara University, California, USA among 18 social enterprises at global level for GSBI (Global Social Benefit Institute) program. Developed in partnership with the World Bank, GSBI strengthens the business model of early-stage social enterprise. They provide (i) Silicon Valley mentorship; (ii) Compelling pitch; (iii) Annual operation plan; (iv) Sound business model; (v) Operational and social impact metrics; (vi) Effective fundraising strategy; (vii) A slide deck for investor presentations; (viii) investment profile document; and (ix) Valuable connections. More information is available at

ICRISAT or International Crops Research Institute for Semi - Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) is one of the 16 centres in the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). The mission and focus of ICRISAT has been to help developing countries apply science to increase crop productivity and food security, reduce poverty and protect the environment.

ICRISAT is supporting SAI in farmers’ field trials of dry-land cereals (Sorghum) and grain legumes (chickpea, pigeon pea and peanut) by providing pigeon pea seed varieties Asha (ICPL87119) and chickpea JAKI 9218 and JG14 (desi Chana) and JGK1 and Vihar (Kabuli Chana). In addition, ICRISAT field team has conducted training to farmers on Package of Practice for pigeon pea cultivation

OUAT or Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology is premier agricultural university in Odisha. It was established in 1962 for the advancement of learning and technology generation through research in agriculture and allied sciences; and for undertaking extension education for transferring technological knowledge for empowering the farming community

OUAT Scientist are providing technical support as well as supplying breeder seeds to SAI for groundnut field trials. The Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding of OUAT has supplied Devi (ICGV 91114) varieties of Groundnut for field trials.

BAU or Birsa Agricultural University is premier agricultural university in neighbouring Jharkhand state of India. BAU was established in 1981 with the main purpose of developing area specific technologies and human resources in agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry, and for economic upliftment of tribal and other backward classes in the region.

BAU is supplying breeder seeds of Chickpea KAK2 variety to SAI for field trials.

UnLtd India is an incubator for social entrepreneurs. It work with early-stage social entrepreneurs to help them to develop as leaders; accelerate their impact and prepare their organisations for scaling and further investment.

SAI is selected as its investee by UNLTD. Apart from financially supporting SAI, UNLTD is also building capacities of its management team through guided mentoring and technical support.

JK Paper Mill has advanced research and development (R & D) facilities. The JKPM R & D team mastered the technology of developing Eucalyptus clones from mother plants which not only reduced maturity period from 7 years to 4 years but has also increased the wood production upto 80-100 tons per hectares.

JKPM team has conducted training to SAI field team as well as Lead farmers on Package of Practice (PoP) for clonal Eucalyptus plantation. It has also entered into an agreement with SAI to supply requisite clones as per demand as well as buy-back the matured pulp-wood at prevailing market price with additional incentives to SAI, based on the volume of supply.

Based on the performance of different seed varieties in 2014, SAI will start promoting best performing crop varieties with its farmers. SAI has a plan to cover 15000 acres are under crop-plantation model by 2018.