SAI in Japanese means ‘talent or ability’ and in Persian it is ‘Saint or Peer’.We are a group of people with Heart of Saints and Mind of Scientists. We are Creative, Competent, and Compassionate with Character (4Cs). We derive first 2 Cs from Mind of Scientist and last 2 Cs from Heart of Saint.

We are driving a new movement which aims to redefine people living at the Base of Pyramid (BoP) as valuable partners for businesses –catering to their raw material need while deriving their livelihoods from the same. We aim at achieving development impacts along with business successes by integrating the poor into corporate value chains.

Our core competency is Inclusive Business Ecosystem – a community of interconnected people including scientists, technical experts, investors, corporate and other business actors. We provide critical support through appropriate market analysis; enabling farming technologies; technical know-how; and value chain management by taking care of agricultural inputs, investment, harvesting, collection and aggregation, their storage, transportation and supply.